Carpet isn’t what it used to be. From the backing to the fibers themselves, carpet has benefited from recent innovations in terms of style and versatility. We’ll quickly explore a few of its benefits here.


Carpet style has become more than just a flat color spreading across the room. Patterns are making waves in the world of interior design. Carpet blends them together with vibrant colors that fit contemporary, luxurious and casual styles. You can even consider the textures added by the pile height. Just take a look at our Jeweled Platform collection as one of many examples.

Sound Reduction

Carpet is naturally quieter than hard surface flooring. Not only does stepping on the softer surface produce less sound, it also absorbs echoes. The right carpet padding can help enhance this effect even more. Memory foam is especially adept at sound reduction, making it a popular choice for rooms on higher levels.


Carpet became a timeless classic because of its comfort. Traditionally, it is softer and warmer than any other flooring option. Newer innovations have improved these attributes even further. UltraTouch Satin is often regarded as the softest, most comfortable flooring on the market. When installed over memory foam padding, walking on carpet feels like a foot massage with every step. This increased flexibility is also better for your joints.

Improved Air Quality

Carpet is often avoided by those who suffer from allergies and asthma. The ongoing belief stems from a time when doctors would recommend the removal of all carpet to help alleviate symptoms. However, many modern carpet floors have the opposite effect; they can actually help improve your home’s air quality.

When allergens settle, they become trapped under carpet fibers. When your floors are vacuumed regularly, these particles are removed without reentering the air. Just be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter at least once per week.

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The flooring industry has benefited from many innovations in recent years. To see how new floors can benefit your home, visit Kennewick’s top flooring experts at COLORTILE today!

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