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There are more flooring options than ever. Most homeowners don’t realize how daunting of a choice it can be until it’s  time to buy. Here, we’ll discuss why laminate is actually a great choice for Kennewick homes.

SpillStop Plus: A New Innovation that Makes Laminate Waterproof Through and Though

Laminate flooring in a coastal bathroom

Laminate floors have always been water-resistant, but a growing number of them are becoming completely waterproof. This enhancement has largely been driven by SpillStop  Plus, a unique technology that offers complete protection against spills, moisture, and humidity. It’s essentially uses a multi-faceted to ensure each plank is waterproof and the installation system itself prevents seepage.

Laminate Floors Look Great

Wood-look laminate flooring in a bathroom with a mountain view

Whether they’re designed to mimic stone or hardwood, laminate floors have always featured beautiful styles that are designed to last. New design methods have led to even more realistic visuals in recent years.

Those visuals come in a variety of styles. The classic hardwood look remains a popular choice, but we’re seeing others gain traction as well. For example,  our Hudson Bay floor uses hardwood visuals but adds colors and features that just aren’t possible with natural wood.

And then, there are the finishes that add that extra touch to the floor’s style. They typically range from matte to glossy, depending on the floor’s overall style. The difference is subtle, but it really does add that sense of distinction.

More Comfortable: Laminate Flooring Offers a Softer Landing

Wood-look laminate flooring in a living room with a modern fireplace

Some of us spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. Tile flooring, a very popular choice for kitchens, can make this uncomfortable over time.

However, laminate floors offer a softer landing than ceramic and porcelain tile. Traditionally, the trade-off has been water resistance, but as we discussed earlier, that’s no longer an issue. It’s obviously not as comfortable as carpet, but laminate is definitely one of the least-impactful choices among hard surface floors.

Laminate Floors are Durable

Laminate flooring

Maybe you’ve just returned home tired from a day on the Columbia River or along the Horse Heaven Hills. In an exhausted haste, you toss down your gear, plop down in your favorite seat – and realize that a hard piece of gear just slammed into your flooring.

Laminate plank feature a multi-layered design that offers exceptional durability. So, if something heavy drops or scrapes across your floor, no worries! It’s protected.

Easier to Clean

Clean wood-look laminate flooring in a modern living room

It doesn’t take much to clean laminate floors; any safe cleaning product can be used to mop. You can even use a vacuum with soft bristles for faster cleaning (or to get the big stuff out of way before mopping).

Perfect for Homes With Pets

Wood-look laminate flooring in a dining room

If you have pets, you know how hard they can be on your home’s floors. If not, you’d be very surprised! They make messes, shed fur, and have claws that scratch.

Laminate floors are up for the challenge. They’re built to last under the most challenging of pets. In fact, several of the laminate floors we carry are protected by a lifetime pet stain warranty.

Learn More

Laminate flooring is a great choice for Kennewick, but every home is different. If you’re ready to make an informed choice for your family, visit Kennewick’s leading flooring experts at COLORTILE of Kennewick today!